Building Peace Together!


Workshop Attendees

Join vibrant online workshops shaping peace in Afghanistan.


Youth Voices

Engaging young minds in crucial peace conversations.


Global Network

Connect with peers worldwide for a stronger peace impact.

Empower & Connect

We unite Afghan youth to be peace champions. Our aim is to foster dialogue and cooperation.

With a focus on inclusivity, weʼre creating a platform where ideas flow and voices are heard. Our workshops and dialogues bridge gaps, enabling young people to lead change. Whether youʼre in Afghanistan or abroad, youʼre part of a family determined to make a difference. Together, weʼre not just dreaming of a peaceful future; weʼre building the foundations for it. Join us, and be a part of a movement that believes in the power of unity and education to transform our world.

Our passionate team is the heart of our mission. They bring diverse experiences and a shared commitment to empowering Afghanistanʼs youth. Get to know the inspiring individuals who are guiding our journey towards peace and community building.

Maryam Rayed

Peacebuilding Lead

Rafiullah Bakhtiar

Youth Advocacy Head

Aisha Zamani

Cultural Liaison

Hamid Shirzai

Outreach Coordinator

Our Impact

The workshops gave me new hope for peace.

Zahra Hussaini

Youth dialogues opened my eyes.

Omar Fawad

This community is my pillar.

Laila Basir